Mobile App for Diabete Management
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Set meals and insulin parameters
Set the carbohydrates target, i.e the recommended carbohydrates amount for the meal (in gram)
Set the blood glucose target, i.e. the desired blood glucose value after the meal (in the selected mesuring unit)
Set the sensitivity insulin factor, i.e the specific value for each meal and each diabetic patient
Set the insulin amount in IU for 10 g carbohydrates and for a specific meal
Define favorites foods
Set favorite foods for each meal type
Set favorite foods amount for each meal type
Manage foods category
Define a food category, e.g. according the food pyramid
Delete a food category and all foods contained in the category
Enable or disable passcode security for parameters screen
Protect by passcode screen containing insulin parameters
Protect by passcode initial set up screen (selection of blood glucose measuring units)
Protect by passcode data deletion screen
Enable or disable meal's alerts
Carbohydrates target overtaking
Terms of use
Accepted terms of use
Initial set up
Select the blood glocose measuring units (mmol/l; mg/l; g/l)
Set individual parameters : body weight and daily basal insulin
Set period of meal's diary storage : 1 to 12 months
About GluCalc
General information about the app